• Lisa Brandes

    I started A+ Events in 1994 and have been enjoying every minute of the company's progress since. I love the "magic" of mixing a variety of ideas to create unique experiences for our clients. I get excited about organizational growth and helping groups shape their messages. And, I'm especially pleased that we get to do this every day for organizations that are making a positive difference in the world. Our staff are absolutely the best people to work with and I'm continually astonished by their creativity and enthusiasm. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, photography, reading, cooking and hiking.
  • Rich Brandes

    I watched Lisa create A+ Events many years ago, and I am delighted to now be part of this growing company. I started my career in the U.S. Coast Guard, where I served on ships on both coasts and worked closely with the maritime industry. My second career was in the petroleum industry were I managed facilities, and later, an environmental program. I enjoy working in small business, and it is a pleasure meeting and assisting people in the education industry. I enjoy sailing, participating in Rotary and travel.
  • Michelle Noe

    As Creative Director, I produce the branding for each event we serve, which translates into web-layout, print-work, logos, graphics and signs. I also provide information design: structuring the visual aspects of our content so that it is easily understood and efficiently organized. I collaborate with other staff members developing concepts and design for any project that calls for it. I hold a BA in Design/Media Arts from UCLA and have over five years of experience as a freelance designer. I am fascinated with almost everything and when I am not reading design and typography books, I'm cooking, digging in the dirt and enjoying the company of my friends.
  • Alex Brandes

    As Web Services Director I manage the company's web presence and develop new sites and web applications. I enjoy solving difficult application archictectural problems, and creating effective, useable programs. I have a BA in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz and several years experience working in web development. Outside of work I love traveling, hiking, and working on my own web projects.
  • Natalie Serrano

    I am excited to be a part of the talented team of creative individuals that is A+ Events. I grew up on the beautiful Mendocino Coast and have recently returned. I have a degree in History of Art and Visual Culture from UC Santa Cruz where I worked for many years in the administrative field. As an executive assistant here at A+ Events I take pride in providing excellent support to our clients and team members. In addition to my career interests, I also love spending time outdoors, with family, and with friends.
  • Monica Kemper

    I've been a member of the A+ Events team since 2009. As Communications Director, I coordinate the overall communications strategy for the company. This includes writing and editing for the website and marketing, as well as ensuring the team provides exceptional customer service. I have a BA in Environmental Studies and have worked in both the environmental and hospitality industries. In 2011, I took a year off from A+ Events to spend at home with my new baby. I'm pleased to have returned to A+ Events and enjoy the challenge of being a working mom. Outside of work I love spending time with my family, hiking with my dog, traveling, and exploring the beautiful coast I call home.
  • Hannah McFarland

    As Administrative Coordinator, I provide customer service and tie up loose ends- from shipping supplies to assisting with finances. I have a BA in English, and outside of work I enjoy travel, poetry, photography, volunteering with the animal shelter and spending time with friends and family.
  • Collin Kelley
    Collin Kelley

    My job as Vendor Relations Manager is to assist in making sure our conferences and events run smoothly, and that our exhibiting partners remain happy. I have a degree in Business Management from San Francisco State University, and a background in event management. I am delighted to have recently moved to the beautiful Mendocino coast, and to work with such a passionate and dedicated team here at A + Events.
  • Nick Brandes

    As Media Coordinator I work with the A+Events team to produce high quality web and video content. Before moving to Mendocino I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, and then spent 5 years as audio engineer at The Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Bob Harmon

    In June of 2013, I completed 40 years in public education--all in Washington State. A graduate of Pacific Lutheran University, I was first a math and art teacher, then a high school principal and central office administrator in Forks, WA--yes, of Twilight fame! I worked there for 26 years, spending the bulk of my time in federal programs, most notably, Title I. In 1999, I was hired to be the State Title I Director and soon was added to the State Superintendent's Cabinet as an Assistant Superintendent for Special Programs and Federal Accountability. During the 14 years I was at the State Office, I was an active member of NASTID--serving in every position on the Board (except secretary) and twice as President. I am privileged and delighted to now be a part of the great team at A+ Events and still involved with Title I. I don't think it gets any better!
  • Gina Hurst-Roach
    Gina Hurst-Roach

    I am proud to be a new addition to the A+ Events team. As Administrative Coordinator, I provide customer service and tie up loose ends. I have a Bachelor's degree in History from The University of California at Santa Cruz, where I worked in the administrative field. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, and traveling.

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